Welcome to Lombardy Wine Tours!

If you like good food, enjoy good wine, are fond of good Italian life style, then you have reached the right place!

We offer you the possibility to spend a few days in a great relaxing atmosphere on the hills and the mountains of Lombardy - an Italian region you will never forget. You will experience accomodation in beautiful farmhouses, most of which produce their own wines, cheeses, salami. We organize for you tours that will offer an enjoyable learning experience of Lombardy wine culture and its cuisine.

We at Lombardy Wine Tours believe that the best way to enjoy and learn about Lombardy and its wine is on location, close to the land and in conversation with the people who produced it. We will ensure that you can enjoy your relaxing holidays in close contact with nature, in beautiful surroundings out in the countryside.

And with no worry in mind - from the moment you land all through your holiday. During your staying we have a set of itineraries that will show you the beauties of the aresa close to your farmhouse.

All our tours are done in style. On our week-long tours, we have wine dinners that feature the best of regional cuisine and illustrate what wines best pair with it. And because the groups are small, we can try and provide some "customization" to meet all your needs at best.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in Lombardy, with Lombardy Wine Tours. Contact us to know more !