Our style

"La dolce vita" - the good life, Italian style. Good food, delectable wine, convivial company, life at a reasonable pace. Come join us for a taste of it.

We at Lombardy Wine Tours believe the best way to enjoy and learn about wine is on location, close to the land and in conversation with the people who produced it. Our tours provide full immersion in the wine culture of Lombardy. Each offers an enjoyable learning experience for wine enthusiasts of all types, from the casual imbiber to the serious connoisseur - and with a good taste of the local superb cuisine.

We recognize that there are many types of wine lovers and many types of vacations. To accommodate a range of interests, we have designed several kinds of trips. Our epicurean tours delve into food and wine, with wine tastings supplemented by stops at artisan cheesemakers, and other culinary and cultural points of interest. Our one week long tour proposals are for the active traveler who wants to combine the chance to learn a few things about good wine with the possibility to taste typical local food, as well as the opportunity to visit places of touristic and historical interest. And our long weekends are for busy travelers with only have a short time to spare for winery visits, but still want to enjoy the full flavour of the landscapes of Lombardy.

All our tours are done in style. On our week-long tours, we have nightly wine dinners that feature the best of regional cuisine and illustrate what wines best pair with it. Our accommodations are in beautiful "agriturismi" - farmhouses that grow the grapes and make the wine themselves. And because the groups are small, we can try and provide some "customization" to meet all your needs at best.

We hope to see you in Lombardy and share "la dolce vita".


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