Welcome to Lombardy !

Speaking of wrong impressions! It's useless to deny that the idea of making a trip to a land known above all for its overwhelming image of businesses, economy and markets that the majority of those who are not from Lombardy know, does not appear to be an attractive prospect. And undoubtedly it is a titanic task. The decision to transit this territory from the Alps to the plains, over countryside and waterways, high mountain ranges and parks without end, cities full of life and art and solitary monasteries, and still more towns, villages and endless highways, is not easy to make. Apart from all this however, the thing that really makes you wonder at the end of your journey is the sensation of having discovered just how many emotions this peninsula of ours is capable of evoking and just how blinded we are by wrong impressions. So, we have therefore, and much to our surprise, discredited the myth that has always excluded Lombardy, except for a few rare exceptions, from the classical tourist itineraries. Don't blame us instead, if we haven't been able to render it the full justice it deserves, by writing and describing everything possible on its account.
It will be a challenge for those who decide to get to know it better, for those who discover it through these pages, and as happened to us, are trapped by the desire to continue this journey forever. Traveling from one Castle to the next you discover a Lombardy that has always been a land of borders with a history of armed defence against the invaders descending from the Alps, in a theatre of bloody battles, but also of valiant heroes, great Popes and magnificent patrician residences. Follow the tracks of the great charismatic figures that have crossed this land, from the magnificent Christian temples to the Churches, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries dotted all over the territory. An original key to understanding the sense of our life in common. Turn your eyes upwards to admire the Duomo of Milano, look out from a panoramic balcony to appreciate Bergamo Alta in all its splendor, settle comfortably on the grassy banks of Lake Como. Then go on to Lecco, Sondrio, Varese and Brescia, maybe Cremona, and why not, Mantova, proud and extremely beautiful like all cities of art. Lose yourself in the green woods, travel along paths barely touched by civilisation, enjoy the caress of the breeze on summer evenings when the Mountain comes alive amidst thousands of noises, filled with tremors of new life waking after the long winter's sleep. Stop and reflect in the silence of the perennial snows, ski down from the white peaks towards the valley, thrilled by the most genuine sensation of exhilaration, to gather together in the evening around the sensual dance of die flames in the fire-place. Travel up the river courses and watch the slow-flow of the water, enjoying everything that nature has created by herself, rocking languidly in the Waters of the lake, amid loops and islands on the discovery of villages and pleasant landing spots. You must try all this to get to know Lombardy in depth. Discover her in the verdant meadows of Franciacorta in a glass of wine, recognise her in the high mountains in the alpine-pasture cheeses, and catch her fragrance on the lakeside in the golden oil of Garda. Walk along the Enogastronomy pathway, covering the history and ancient flavour of traditions, in order to take a bit of Lombardy and give a bit of yourself.