The Road of the Wines and Tastes of the Piacenza Hills

In the territory south of Po' river close to Piacenza city, lies the "Apennines" hills and valley, the valley is dotted with castles and villas from which is born the Road of the Wines and Tastes of the Piacenza Hills. Whoever travels the roads of these hills will go through the four valleys of the Apennine and will not be disappointed with what they will come across. From castles to medieval villages to magnificent old Churches. After meandering through the valley roads why not in the heat of the day, stop at one of the villages to sample traditional dishes, e.g. the best "Salumi" accompanied by a refreshing glass (or two) of wine produced in one the surrounding vineyards? Then what could be more relaxing than dropping in at a local Vineyard to listen to local legends whilst sampling the wines of the area and admiring the beautiful scenery around you!

The cheeses of the area

You will find yourself in "Summa Lacticinorum", the first area to produce dairy products in the fifteenth century. The cheeses of Piacenza area call out to be tasted. Still today these cheeses are all produced by using the milk of the cattle, sheep and goats grazing in the surrounding hills of the area - particularly those of the "Po' River" Grana Padano DOP and the Provolone Valpadana DOP - whose fertile land enriches the taste of the cheese and whose reputation for excellence is renown outside the area.

Fruits and vegetables

Along the route of the Road of the Wines and of the Tastes of the Piacenza Hills you will find grapes, cherries, apples and pears, all of which are cultivated in this beautiful area. Who could resist sampling them?

How could not one wish to experience then, the honey of this land and leave without realizing the genuineness of its sweetness.
Traditional Dishes

Our wine and traditional dishes, like annolini, tortelli, pisarei and faso, are always featured in Piacenza celebratory meals. Anyone visiting the area will have tasted these dishes and will almost certainly want to do so again

"Fagottini" is pasta stuffed with classic piacentino of beef or, in the region of Castell' Arquato stuffed with bread grated and cheese.

Annolini can be cooked in broth or served with sauce itself tomato and mushrooms.

The Tortelli is of the "fagottini" variety of pasta, the stuffing of ricotta differentiates them and spinach or erbette. Prepared strictly to order, according to the classic shape "with the tails" that an unicum for the zone of Piacenza does of it, are served traditionally with butter and saves or with a tomato based sauce.

The pisarei and faso are small "gnocchetti" of bread grated and coated with flour and are one of the dishes of excellence cooked by the poorer of Piacenza Valleys, but nevertheless when cooked with sauce consisting of tomatoes and beans gains the dignity and the taste of a dish of exception.

The Salami

When tasting the foods of the Piacenza's lands we cannot forget the Salami, produced by the expert combination between researched gastronomic traditions and ripening, given back ideal from the air that comes down from the apennine. To the sense of smell of genuine perfumes, that it finds its natural conclusion in the delight of the palate: the Coppa Piacentina OOP, the Pancetta Piacentina OOP and the Salami Piacentino OOP.

The Wine
'Vinum merum placentinum laetificat" the Latin said, namely the sincere wine piacentino transmits delight. And like then, the wines doc of the Piacenza hills are in a position to gladden the table with an immense range of flavors and
happy gastronomic linking: from the young wines, fresh and present, to the important wines and structure. Across the hills, between ancient villages, castles and shops craftsmen, it is the route that summarizes the extraordinary variety of white and red wines.

The White wines DOC of the Piacenza Hills are:
Chardonnay, Malvasia, Monterosso Val O'Arda, Ortrugo, Grey Pinot, Pinot sparkling Wine, Sauvignon, Trebbianino Val Tebbia , Val Nure, Vinsanto.

The red wines DOC of Piacenza Hills are:
Barbera, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gutturnio, Classic Gutturnio, Superior Gutturnio and
Superior Classic, Gutturnio Reserves and Classic Reserve, Black Pinot.